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Plant them once and enjoy for them years!

Perennials are low-maintenance, easy to grow plants that bloom year after year. Perennials are planted in both the spring and the fall. They are available in a wide varieties of colors, shapes, blooms and foliage like the impressive blooming peony, large-leafed hostas, welcoming border daylilies and shade loving astilbe. Learn more about perennials and how to create an easy, beautiful and successful garden.

We have conveniently split the information on Perennials into three categories (1) Planning and Selecting (2) Planting and Aftercare and (3) Quality. These three categories are designed to help you select the right bulbs, choose the best locations in your landscape and ensure that you maintain a strong garden throughout your growing season.

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1) Planning and Selecting
2) Planting and Aftercare
3) Quality

Spring planted perennials result in fantastic summer showcase.

Spring planted perennials result in fantastic summer showcase.