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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50

Real People, Real Gardening

At Longfield Gardens, our specialty is providing you beautiful, premium quality bulbs and plants at a great price with the knowledge and customer service to ensure you grow a beautiful garden, beyond your purchase.

We founded Longfield Gardens on the idea of a fresh new approach to selling bulbs. We saw a need to 'update' the way gardeners look at and buy bulbs so we combined our passion, along with over 80 years of combined experience in the bulb industry to bring you the best bulb, at the best price. Over the years, our solid business model and core values have transformed the way bulbs are sold.

'That’s a great color...I’ll find something to grow with it.’

What does color and style have anything to do with gardening? The Longfield Gardens Design team will tell you, EVERYTHING! At Longfield, you can usually find Jen Pfau researching high performing plants and bulbs that will look great together in your garden. It may sound simple, but we know looking good is only half the battle! Jen and team hand select beautiful colored blooms and interesting foliage, with shapes and textures that all look good and bloom well together. It’s a delicate balance that Longfield Gardens coordinates beautifully, so that the end results you see are perfect combinations, all in one bag.

‘It wants to grow, it will find a way.’

Bulb gardening is simple, and perennials are just as easy. If you put a bulb in the ground, it will find a way to grow. If you have more questions beyond the simple care instructions included with your purchase, our staff garden and bulb experts are here to help. They use a common sense approach to all things bulb gardening. Co-owner, Hans Langeveld, is highly knowledgeable, coming from generations of bulb and garden experts. Hans answers your bulb and gardening questions with simple, concise and friendly answers. Your plants want to grow and we have the knowledge and simple advice to make you a confident and successful gardener.

Longfield Gardens is a company made up of people who are committed to working together to make your gardening experience SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL AND SUCCESSFUL. We honor your concerns, budgets and busy lives. When you choose a bulb by Longfield Gardens, you are choosing bulbs that are guaranteed to satisfy through high quality (bigger bulbs) at a better price.

We welcome your thoughts and comments. Send us your ideas, questions or photos of your bulb garden to We look forward to building a beautiful garden with you!

The Longfield Gardens Team