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Spring into Summer

Fireworks in the Garden!

Planted in the spring and available in variety of heights, sizes, colors and shapes, there is a summer bloom right for every gardener. From the Big Blooms of dinnerplate dahlias to the fragrant blooms of oriental lilies, spring bulbs are easy to grow. Add spring planted bulbs to containers on a patio, tuck into shady nooks around trees, or fill in sunny borders.

We have conveniently split the information on Spring Bulbs into three categories (1) Planning and Selecting, (2) Planting and Aftercare and (3) Quality. These three categories are designed to help you select the right bulbs, choose the best locations in your landscape and ensure that you maintain a strong garden throughout your growing season.

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1) Planning and Selecting
2) Planting and Aftercare
3) Quality

Spring planted bulbs result in fantastic summer showcase.

Spring planted bulbs result in fantastic summer showcase.