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Planning & Selecting

Planning ahead for summer blooms ensures you have successful, beautiful gardens.

The first steps to buying spring planted bulbs is planning and selecting. The information on planning and selecting is designed to help you simplify the selection process so you can enjoy beautiful and successful results in the garden.

Bloom time is the time of the year that a bulb will bloom. This could be early spring, mid-spring, late spring, or anytime in the summer. You will want to consider bloom time when selecting and planting fall bulbs to avoid gaps in your blooming garden. Flowers should bloom in succession of one another. 

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Make your plant selections knowing what USDA zone you live in. For example, some blooms do not grow well in southern heat and some do not grow well in the northern chill.

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Dark purple areas should plant January-March
Medium Purple should plant March-May
Light Purple areas should plant April-June



When selecting plants consider the location and the height requirements. For example, you may want to layer your blooms, putting tall ones in the back and short ones in the front or along borders.

Be kind to your plants and plant them in their recommended sunlight location. There are many shade and sun loving plants to choose from! Observe your areas considering trees and buildings will affect how much sunlight an area will get. Make sure you choose plants that work according to light requirements in the location you want to plant.

FULL SUN locations get 6 or more hours of sunlight.
PART SUN locations gets 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.
SHADE locations receives less than 4 hours of sunlight per day.

Most plants prefer well-drained soil. In areas where the soil is moist, you can add sand or peat to help absorb the moisture and improve soil quality. Avoid areas where water pools, such as at the bottom of hills.

When purchasing your bulbs online, place your order in the winter to ensure you are choosing from the largest selection we have to offer. We will ship the bulbs to you when they are ready to plant. When purchasing in the store, shop in late winter when the shipments arrive to ensure the best selection.