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All About Dahlias

Dahlias are flower-producing machines with blossoms that can measure up to 10" across. They're available in a rainbow of beautiful colors and are excellent cut flowers. Bloom time is midsummer through fall.   Read More

All About Gladiolus

Gladiolus are one of the world’s most popular cut flowers as well as one of the easiest to grow. Their elegant, 3-foot flower spikes are stunning in a vase, whether alone or as the stars of a mixed bouquet.   Read More

All About Caladiums

Caladiums are spring-planted bulbs, grown for their decorative foliage. They thrive in hot, humid weather and can be planted in sun or shade. Caladiums are an easy way to keep your yard colorful from summer through fall.   Read More

All About Cannas

Cannas are lush, tropical plants with large, glossy leaves and showy flowers that attract hummingbirds. The spring-planted tubers grow quickly and are suitable for containers, gardens and landscaping.   Read More

All About Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are one of the world’s most elegant and exotic cut flowers, yet they are easy to grow in gardens and containers. Plant the bulbs in spring to enjoy late summer blossoms.   Read More

All About Lilies

Lilies are loved by gardeners everywhere. These big, bright, and dependable flowers have an elegance that's unsurpassed. If you plant several different varieties, you can enjoy blooms all summer long.   Read More

All About Elephant Ears

Alocasia and Colocasia are tropical foliage plants with big leaves that can measure up to 3 feet across. The spring-planted tubers grow quickly and are suitable for gardens or containers.   Read More

All About Begonias

Begonias are shade-loving plants with large, rose-like blossoms in a wonderful array of colors. These spring-planted bulbs flower from summer through fall and are suitable for garden beds, pots, window boxes and hanging baskets.   Read More

All About Ranunculus

The exquisite, rose-like flowers of ranunculus are often seen in high-end flower shops and wedding bouquets. They can be expensive as cut flowers, but can also be grown in gardens and containers.    Read More

All About Acidanthera

Acidanthera blooms from late summer to early fall. The elegant white flowers are richly fragrant and excellent for cutting. Easy to grow in gardens or containers.    Read More

All About Anemones

DeCaen and St Bridgid anemones have graceful, poppy-like flowers with silky petals and prominent centers. Learn how to grow these popular cut flowers in containers or in your garden.   Read More

All About Brodiaea

Brodiaea are native plants with clusters of violet-blue flowers in late spring and early summer. Learn about what makes them special and how to grow these wildflowers in your garden or in containers.   Read More

All About Crinums

Crinums are tough plants with strappy leaves and fragrant, funnel-shaped flowers. In areas where the bulbs are hardy (zones 7-10) the plants will flower for generations with no attention at all.    Read More

All About Crocosmia

Hummingbirds love crocosmia. Learn how to grow these easy, summer-blooming bulbs with brilliant red, orange or yellow flowers.   Read More

All About Eremurus

These early summer perennials are known for their distinctive, bottle brush blossoms that tower over other plants. Also known as foxtail lilies, they add excitement to any flower garden.   Read More

All About Eucomis

Eucomis are summer-blooming bulbs with long, strappy leaves and exotic flowers that resemble pineapples. They'll bring a tropical look to your containers and garden beds.   Read More

All About Freesia

Freesia are among the world's most popular cut flowers. Learn how you can grow these colorful, fragrant blossoms yourself!   Read More

All About Hymenocallis

These summer-blooming bulbs are related to amaryllis. Also known as spider lilies, the fragrant, exotic-looking flowers of hymenocallis are a late summer treat.   Read More

All About Liatris

Liatris is a summer-blooming perennial with grassy foliage and fuzzy, bottle-brush flowers. This North American wildflower is a butterfly favorite and is easy to grow in gardens or naturalized areas.   Read More