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Container plants can add beauty and style to any outdoor area. Keeping those pots and planters looking lush and healthy is easier if you choose plants that are well matched to the growing conditions. This is expecially important for containers that are located in full sun.

Tropical plants such as elephant ears, canna lilies and caladiums thrive on summer heat and humidity. As bulbs, these plants also have an advantage over annuals and perennials, because they start the season with a reserve of energy that can help them flourish in less than ideal conditions.

On their own or mixed with other heat tolerant plants, you can count on summer bulbs to look terrific all summer long. See below for some winning combinations. For tips on planting and care, see How to Grow Summer Bulbs in Pots and Planters.

Shown above: Canna Starship and Caladium Postman Joyner