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All About Tulips

Tulips are the most colorful of all spring-blooming bulbs. Their flowers come in a rainbow of colors that sparkle in the spring sunlight. See how to plant and care for this popular fall-planted bulb.   Read More

All About Daffodils

Daffodils (Narcissus) are hardy, fall-planted bulbs that bloom in early spring. They come back year after year and are deer resistant. Learn how to grow and care for daffodils.   Read More

All About Hyacinths

Hyacinths are loved for their incredible fragrance, which will perfume an entire garden. They bloom in mid-spring at the same time as daffodils and tulips. Learn how to plant and care for these sweetly-scented spring flowers.   Read More

All About Crocus

Crocus get the gardening season off to an early start. They are among the very first flowers of spring, often appearing when there‚Äôs still snow on the ground. See how to plant and care for your crocus here.   Read More

All About Alliums

Alliums are members of the onion family with big, round flower heads on long, graceful stems. The have great impact in the garden! See how to plant and care for your alliums here.   Read More

All About Dutch Iris

Dutch iris, also known as Iris hollandica, have orchid-like flowers with silky petals. They are wonderful cut flowers. Learn how to plant and care for Dutch iris.    Read More

All About Ranunculus

The exquisite, rose-like flowers of ranunculus are often seen in high-end flower shops and wedding bouquets. They can be expensive as cut flowers, but can also be grown in gardens and containers.    Read More

All About Muscari

Muscari are better known as grape hyacinths, which perfectly describes their flowers -- tight clusters of fat little bells with a grape juice fragrance. Muscari bloom in mid-spring and are great partners for tulips and daffodils.   Read More

All About Snowdrops

Snowdrops are the first flowers spring. They seem to be impervious to cold and bloom even when there's snow on the ground. Learn how to plant and grow these easy and reliable spring bulbs.   Read More

All About Anemones

DeCaen and St Bridgid anemones have graceful, poppy-like flowers with silky petals and prominent centers. Learn how to grow these popular cut flowers in containers or in your garden.   Read More

All About Chionodoxa

Chionodoxa bloom at the same time as crocuses and are some of the earliest flowers of spring. Also known as glory of the snow, the bulbs multiply and return to flower year after year.   Read More

All About Freesia

Freesia are among the world's most popular cut flowers. Learn how you can grow these colorful, fragrant blossoms yourself!   Read More

All About Fritillaria

Want a touch of the exotic for your spring garden? Consider fritillaria. Their unusual flowers last for weeks and are not troubled by deer or rodents. Learn how to grow these easy, spring-blooming flower bulbs.   Read More

All About Iris Reticulata

This miniature iris grows just 4" tall and blooms in early spring at the same time as crocus. It's ideal for rock gardens and other areas with sandy or stony soil.    Read More

All About Leucojum

This spring-blooming bulb is also known as summer snowflake. Its dangling white flowers resemble snowdrops, but are more than twice as tall and bloom later. Long-lived and hardy in zones 4-8.   Read More

All About Scilla

The scilla family of spring-blooming bulbs includes some of the best bulbs for naturalizing. All are deer and rodent resistant. Learn about how to plant and care for scilla in your garden.   Read More

All About Scilla Peruviana

A lesser-known spring bulb that's ideal for warm, relatively dry climates. The softball-size flowers have blue, star-like florets and bloom for 3 weeks or more.   Read More

All About Camassia

These perennial bulbs bloom from late spring to early summer. Native to the Pacific Northwest, they are adaptable and long-lived. Plants grow 24-30" tall and have white, purple or blue flowers.   Read More