Garden Color 101

One of the best things about gardening is the lack of rules. That’s especially true when it comes to color – anything goes.   Read More

How to Plan a Spring Bulb Garden

Fall is the time to plant tulips, daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs. Here are six tips to help you decide which bulbs to order and the best ways to use them in your yard and garden.   Read More

Design Tips for Shady Gardens

Shady gardens offer some unique design opportunities. Here are seven tips to help you make the most of a shady site.   Read More

Fragrant Flowers for Homegrown Bouquets

For homegrown flower bouquets that smell as good as they look, grow some of these fragrant flowers in your garden and landscape.   Read More

How to Design a Bee-Friendly Garden

Bees and other pollinators need our help. Learn how your garden can support the health and survival of wild and domestic bees.   Read More

How to Design a Cutting Garden

Love creating your own home-grown flower arrangements? Planting a cutting garden will guarantee that you always have plenty of fresh flowers ready for the picking.   Read More

How to Design a Fragrant Garden

Fragrant plants can make your garden smell as good as it looks. Learn about flower fragrances, bloom times and see a slide show of our favorite sweet-smelling bulbs and perennials.   Read More

How to Use Burgundy in Your Flower Garden

Learn how burgundy flowers and foliage can be used to create drama and introduce a new level of excitement to your yard and garden.   Read More

How to Use Orange in Your Flower Garden

For gardeners, orange can be a challenging color to work with. Learn how orange flowers can add freshness, energy and a vibrant glow.   Read More

How to Use Pink in Your Flower Garden

Pink is the most popular of all flower colors. Learn the difference between cool pink and warm pink, and how to use these colors most effectively.   Read More

How to Use Purple in Your Flower Garden

Put the power of purple to work in your garden! Learn how purple flowers can add depth, richness and three season interest to gardens large and small.   Read More

How to Use Red in Your Flower Garden

Red is the boldest and most provocative hue on the color wheel. But don't let its forcefulness deter you. Instead, learn how to take advantage of its strength.   Read More

How to Use White in Your Flower Garden

White can be an exciting design tool for creating different moods and styles. Get inspired about how you can put white flowers to work in your garden.   Read More

Top 10 Flower Bulbs for Cutting Gardens

Take your homegrown flower arrangements to new heights this summer, by adding some of these top 10 flower bulbs to your cutting garden.   Read More

Creating Flow in a Garden

You can define spaces and direct the flow of foot traffic by using plants as borders in your garden.    Read More

Texture in the Garden

Some plants have leaves that are smooth and glossy, while others are rough or prickly. Learn how you can use these textures to make your garden more interesting.   Read More

Landscape Styles

Most home gardens combine both formal and informal design elements. Learn how you can use these features to create a garden that reflects your own unique sense of style.   Read More

Garden Design Considerations

Here are some things to think about when designing -- or redesigning -- a garden.   Read More

Best Flowers for Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Make your flower garden a haven for these beautiful winged creatures. Learn which nectar-rich flowers will keep them coming back for more.   Read More

Bloom Time Planning Guide for Spring and Summer Flower Bulbs

Our new planning guide for flower bulbs shows the bloom time for each type of bulb. Use it to plan for a continuous display of colorful flowers from early spring through fall.    Read More

How to Use Yellow in Your Flower Garden

Yellow flowers introduce a lightness and brightness that can fill a garden with good cheer. Learn about some of the unique characteristics of yellow and how to use it most effectively.   Read More

How to Use Blue in Your Flower Garden

Gardeners find it hard to resist the allure of blue flowers. Learn how you can put this unusual flower color to work in your garden.   Read More

6 Tips for a More Colorful Flower Garden

Learn how to add more color to your flower garden and some easy ways to keep that color going all season long.   Read More

How to Use Black Flowers and Dark Foliage

Dark-colored flowers and foliage can add drama and sophistication to your garden. Learn about black flowers and how to use them most effectively.   Read More