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10 Easy Perennials for Shady Gardens

In shady perennial gardens, foliage is just as important as flowers. Combining different leaf textures, shapes and colors adds a new dimension of design opportunities. Discover ten easy-care favorites for the shade.   Read More

10 Easy Perennials for Sunny Gardens

Sun-loving perennials are the backbone of most flower gardens. Once planted, they return to bloom again each year. Choosing easy-care perennials that are adaptable and long-blooming will give you a colorful garden with the minimum amount of work.   Read More

Attract Butterflies with Liatris

VIDEO Butterflies can't resist the fuzzy, amethyst purple flowers of liatris. Make your garden a butterfly haven by planting these easy, native perennials.   Read More

Best Ferns for Gardens and Landscapes

Ferns are easy to grow, long-lived perennials that require almost zero care. Learn where to plant them and which types to consider for your home and garden.   Read More

Best Ground Covers for Shade

Ground covers can make shady yards and gardens more attractive and easier to maintain. Learn about eight perennial ground covers that thrive in the shade.   Read More

Best Perennials for Spring Gardens

Get a jump on spring with these easy and reliable spring-blooming perennials. They flower early and are excellent partners for spring bulbs such as daffodils, fritillaria and scilla.    Read More

How To Get Creative With Hostas

Hostas are elegant, long-lived plants that offer an exciting palette of sizes, colors and textures. Learn about some creative ways to use them in your yard and garden.   Read More

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How to Help Your Flower Garden Beat the Heat

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Summer is off to a hotter than average start. Most of the country is already getting more than its share of heat and humidity, often with record-setting temperatures. While we can take refuge in theRead More

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How and Why to Use Flower Fertilizer

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When you think about it, a plant’s ability to make flowers out of nothing more than soil, water and sunshine is a pretty amazing feat. As flower gardeners, our task isRead More

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