Planning Guide for Daffodils

Choose Daffodils by Flower Style and Bloom Time

By mixing and matching different types of daffodils, you can have these cheery spring flowers blooming for six weeks or more. This planning guide shows each daffodil type, flower style and bloom time at a glance.

Our Planning Guide for Daffodils is a handy visual reference that shows the shape, height and bloom time for each type of daffodil. If you want to have daffodils blooming for as long as possible, start with early-blooming trumpets and large and small cups, include mid-season triandrus, cyclamineus and split cups, and close out the season with tazettas, double daffodils, jonquillas and poeticus.

On our daffodil category page, you can sort our selection of more than 40 daffodils cultivars by type and by color. To learn a bit more about the different types of daffodils, you may want to read Types of Daffodils to Know and Grow. To learn about growing daffodils, we recommend: All About Daffodils and Best Daffodils for Naturalizing.



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