How to Select Quality Spring-Planted Bulbs

What to Look for When Buying Bulbs and Plants

Planting premium quality bulbs and plants is the best way to get your garden off to a great start.

PLANT SIZE:  Bare root plants have been stored over the winter in a dormant state. The sooner you plant them, the sooner the plants will establish roots and settle into your garden.

TRUE BULBS AND CORMS:  True bulbs and corms are graded by size, which is determined by measuring their circumference in centimeters. Larger bulbs and larger corms produce stronger plants with more flowers.

RHIZOMES:  Rhizomes are graded by the number of growth points or "eyes" they display. More eyes will give you a plant with more sprouts, stems, foliage and flowers.

TUBERS:  Tubers are graded by size and sometimes by weight. Grade #1 is the best quality tuber you can buy. Large tubers will produce larger plants with a bigger presence in your garden.

FIRMNESS:  Healthy bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes should be firm to the touch. This indicates they have been properly stored and are in good condition. Bareroot plants are shipped in a dormant state and should be firm, not mushy.

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