Parrot Tulips: Fancy and Flamboyant

Discover What Makes Parrot Tulips So Special

Parrot tulips are the flashiest and most exotic of all tulips. Every blossom is a work of art!

A parrot tulip’s petals are its most distinctive feature. They're broader than other types of tulips and are decorated with fringe, ruffles, puckers and dimples. All this texture gives the already large flowers even more volume. And, as the blossoms mature, their petals twist and turn, so each flower develops its own unique personality. These extroverted tulips beg to be admired up close. They're fun to photograph and are fabulous in bouquets.

Parrot tulips appreciate being planted in a slightly protected location. This makes them particularly good for perennial gardens, where they can be sheltered by nearby plants. Since parrot tulips are such great cut flowers, they're ideal for cutting gardens. Check out the photos below to see some of our favorites.


Parrot King. From bud to bloom, this gorgeous parrot tulip will keep you spellbound. Its golden yellow petals are flushed with orange and highlighted with green flames. The edges of each petal are crimped and feathered, which adds to their exotic appeal.



Texas Flame. There's no ignoring this dramatic parrot tulip. Its pale yellow petals are decorated with bold red stripes and green flares. As the flowers mature, they open wide to display the beauty of each petal. First introduced in 1958, Texas Flame is a classic parrot tulip that is admired the world over.



Black Parrot. A dazzling maroon and burgundy tulip with a darker, almost black center. The ruffled and deeply fringed petals give the flower lots of depth. Sensational combined with white, pink or orange tulips. A flower arranger's delight.



Silver Parrot. One of the loveliest of all parrot tulips. Silver Parrot's giant flowers have shapely white petals and a pale pink blush. Flamingo pink brush strokes decorate and accentuate the fringed edges. This tulip's striking, variegated foliage displays a wide white margin around each leaf.



Red Madonna Parrot. Looking for tulips with curb appeal? These brilliant, fire engine red parrot tulips will attract every eye. Up close, you'll be captivated by the crimped and twisted petals that make each blossom completely unique. Beautiful buds, too. Red Madonna Parrot is also a fantastic cut flower, on its own and in mixed bouquets. 



White Parrot. Few flowers can compete with the grace and elegance of this pure white parrot tulip. Its petals are large, deeply cupped and delicately flecked with green. Lovely on their own (especially in part shade) and good companions for other tulips such as Black Parrot, shown here.



Estella Rijnveld. This beloved heirloom tulip is always easy to recognize. Its gaily striped red and white petals are deeply feathered and extravagantly twisted. In the garden, it is both elegant and exuberant. Like all parrots, it's wonderful for bouquets.

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