Planning Guide for Lilies

How to Have Lilies in Bloom All Summer Long

Lilies provide some of the garden's most extraordinary summer blooms. We created this Planning Guide for Lilies as a handy visual reference, so you can see at a glance, the shape, height and bloom time for each different type of lily. To enjoy a long season of color and fragrance, you'll want to plant several different types of lilies. Start with early-blooming Asiatics, include mid-season Oriental-Asiatic and Longiflorum-Asiatic hybrids, and fill your late summer garden with the dramatic and ultra-fragrant blossoms of Oriental lilies and Oriental-Trumpet hybrids. For variety, sprinkle in some species lilies -- and discover their unique charms.

On our lily category page, you can shop for lilies by name, type and color. To learn a bit more about each of the lily types, read our article Bloom Times for Lilies. For a good primer on growing lilies, read All About Lilies. We also recommend 8 Tips for Growing Better Lilies.