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Allium Aflatunense Purple Sensation

Allium Purple Sensation - Longfield Gardens

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There's no better allium for bridging the season from spring bulbs to early summer perennials. Purple Sensation's perfectly round, 4"  globes are violet-purple with sparkles of lavender and pink. The slender, 24 to 30" stems are sturdy yet graceful. Flowers are long-lasting and nice in bouquets. Returns year after year.

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Allium Purple Sensation

ITEM #10000207
Ornamental Onion
Purple Sensation
Full Sun
Late Spring
Plant 5" apart from center of bulb to center of bulb
Plant 5" deep
Grows 30" tall

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Customer Reviews for Allium Purple Sensation

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R. Toxopeus - Reston, VA - on June 10, 2021
I bought two sizes and slightly different shades of purple alliums. I love the extra color they add to my spring garden!
Thomas C. - Winchester, VA - on June 10, 2021
I've loved alliums for a while, so when I ordered the great, big bulbs for the Gladiator. I was expecting great things. They went above and beyond, getting multiple flowers from a single plant. I would certainly buy more in the future.
Sharon L. - Bend, OR - on June 09, 2021
I love alliums for their long duration in the garden and their deer repellency. Once the flowers fade, I then spray paint them in the same purple color, thus making the bloom seem twice as long lasting in the garden.
Sharon L. - Bend, OR - on June 09, 2021
These alliums provide the perfect bridge of color, interest & height just after the tulips and daffodils bloom and before the peonies bloom.
Robin P. - Custer, WA - on June 18, 2020
My purple sensation alliums are gorgeous against my white picket fence at the cottage!
Kelly L. - Greer, SC - on June 17, 2020
My Allium bulbs are now coming up! I have about 8 that are now blooming and more to come! Our weather is still around 40 degrees at night which is slowing down their growth but I am so excited about them growing to full size!
Nancy H. - Marietta, GA - on June 17, 2020
The Allium Purple Sensation were a great addition to my gardens this year. They added a new dimension, height, and color to my spring garden. I used them in different areas to bookmark the garden beds and walkways and they almost acted as a gateway into new areas of the garden. They even look really cool after flowering! See attached pic. I was also very happy that they survived through some unexpected late hard freezes!
Beth L. - Morristown, NJ - on June 17, 2020
They are still blooming, multiple blooms and hardy!
Nicholas T. - Arlington, VA - on June 17, 2020
Great bulbs and coming in spectacular now
Polly E. - Kiowa, CO - on June 17, 2020
Mine are just now blooming. Only 1 is fully open. After my 1st year of growing these beauties I ordered a lot. I live out in the country, so I planted them in bunches in front of some of our gorgeous Ponderosa Pines. Once they are all in bloom, they will be beautiful and a welcome sight when we drive up our long driveway. I highly recommend them. I also planted 3 giant alliums, that are getting ready to bloom in a couple weeks, I can hardly wait.
Amy W. - Williston, ND - on June 17, 2020
These are such a fun addition to my garden! The whimsical floof really steals the show!
Matthew S. - Brielle, NJ - on June 17, 2020
These allium are wonderful in the garden. All of the bulbs grew quite large, which for me is rare. I usually have one or two small or non-existent bulbs. Beautiful purple hues and the bumblebees love them. Longer lasting than allium I have had in the past. I highly recommend these bulbs, you won't be disappointed. I even had one in the shade bloom quite full and almost full sized.
Aslaug W. - Aspen, CO - on June 17, 2020
Allium makes a statement in a spring-early summer garden. Being tall and unusual they stand out.
H. Blum - Baltimore, MD - on June 17, 2020
This is a beautiful flower. I am so happy to have this in my garden, love the purple color, the tall stem, and the rounded flowerhead. I have three groups of them and they pop up the garden really nicely. Thank you.
Don S. - Fennville, MI - on June 17, 2020
The allium bulbs, and all of the products I have ordered from you over the years, have done well. I put these alliums at our driveway entrance - the make for a beautiful and long show!
Katrina R. - Stone Ridge, NY - on June 17, 2020
Perfect color and size!
Janice S. - East Amherst, NY - on June 17, 2020
The Allium all came up tall and healthy They are a nice backstory in my garden.
Becky N. - Branford, CT - on June 17, 2020
I planted 40 of these last fall and am so glad I did! The size is just as expected, but I was pleasantly surprised that each bulb produced multiple flowers...some even have 5! They are at multiple heights, which fills them out nicely. I wouldn't say all of the flowers are perfectly round - they are a little looser, which is nice. I planted them with Gadiator Allium, which are more round, taller, lighter purple (sensation is mid-dark puple), and bloom a little later. The combination is great! If you haven't planted Allium before, know that their leaves get pretty ragged looking early on. Best planted where that can be hidden by another plant that comes up fairly early in the season. Can't wait until my Nepeta is established enough to do that!
Kate - Medford, NJ - on June 17, 2020
I planted these in the fall and they are just blooming in mid-May in zone 7. Very happy with them! Nice size, nice color, and the deer don't eat them. I only wish I had put more in.
Tom P. - Ottawa, IL - on June 17, 2020
These alliums are beautiful! Brightly colored and huge, they are a great accent to our spring garden. We will be ordering more!
Ileana - North Babylon, NY - on June 17, 2020
My alliums are just blooming now (zone 7a), but they have been worth the wait! I will certainly be planting more!
Michele R. - Spruce Creek, PA - on June 17, 2020
Allium Purple Sensation was a huge success in the garden this season! Interplanted with Red Impression Tulips and Frittilaria Rubra Maxima, they extended the show and kept the voles away from the tulips bulbs. They look fabulous with the iris and tree peonies!
Pat J. - Milton, VT - on June 17, 2020
They are just opening in my VT garden. Planted them all over my gardens. It should be quite a show.
Erica - Voorheesville, NY - on June 17, 2020
I love my alliums! They are right at my toddler's eye level so he loves them too. They've taken over now that the hyacinth and daffodils are over and the tulips are fading. There are 1-3 flowers out of each bulb and the bees are often on them.
Richard & Joan M. - Blaine, WA - on June 17, 2020
These are easy bulbs to plant in the Fall, surprising you in the Spring when they appear exploding like miniature fireworks. The purple color is deep and brilliant - a joy to view. Even rabbits love them, feasting on the bright green leaves. Although we planted plenty, we intend to plant more this coming Fall.
Kathleen L. -, MA - on June 17, 2020
Tall and beautiful! Dramatic blooms add a wimpy and special flair to my gardens
Kathy - NY - on June 02, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised by the sensation these alliums put on this Spring. I purchased them for a public garden and they indeed put on an early show. Here in "North Country" that's not an easy thing. I like them so much I'm going to order more for my personal gardens. Thank you.
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