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Tulip Darwin Hybrid Red Impression

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Looking for a classic red tulip? Look no further. Red Impression is fire engine red from top to bottom, inside and out. These extra-large, long lasting tulips always turn heads. A great choice when you want a big burst of spring color. 

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Tulip Red Impression

ITEM #11800916
Red Impression
Darwin Hybrid
Sun to Part Shade
Mid Spring
Plant 5" apart from center of bulb to center of bulb
Plant 6" deep
Grows 20" tall

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Customer Reviews for Tulip Red Impression

17 Reviews
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Joyce H. - Easley, SC - on June 10, 2021
I had never planted tulips before and read all Longfield Gardens blogs on tulips before ordering. The tulips were huge, beautifully bright red and were the talk of the neighborhood!
Kerry H - Liverpool, PA - on June 08, 2021
The deep red tulip bulbs I planted on the north side of my house only got afternoon sun, and maybe that's why they got so much taller before blooming than the others but all the blooms were gorgeous and they lasted 2-3 weeks until strong winds blew most of the petals away.
Kathy M. - Greensboro, NC - on June 17, 2020
I planted them in large containers on my deck. Bloomed well and the color was an intense red just what I wanted for that area. Consistent in size and bloom time which here was early April. Did not cut for arrangements but would have been lovely mixed with some yellow tulips also in bloom at the same time. Very pleased with their performance.
Rev Ed S. - Morganton, NC - on June 17, 2020
Carol R. - Flint, TX - on June 17, 2020
They were beautiful. They are my favorite Tulip for my yard, they go well with my "Old Brick" house.
Konrad K. - Asheville, NC - on June 17, 2020
'Red Impression' is aptly named! I planted 20 bulbs in the fall of 2019 and every single one grew into a sturdy upright tulip with large fire-engine red flowers. Even though they were planted under a large river birch, they developed strong stems that were not bothered by the occasional harsh winds. The flowers started opening mid-March and remained open for about 4 weeks. I was also happy to notice that the petals were not affected by strong rainstorms. Great spring color. Highly recommended!
Jen A. - Lansdale, PA - on June 17, 2020
Wow. If you are looking for red tulips that are solid performers, look no further. I added these in a new flowerbed where my neighbors could enjoy a row of red tulips and I was not disappointed. They lasted nicely and the color is just stunning, exactly what comes to mind if you think of red tulips. I put a vase of them on my kitchen table, they were so tall I could hardly see my husband across from me. The census on which view is better is still out. ;)
Gerald M. - Romney, WV - on June 17, 2020
Robert G. - Philadelphia, PA - on June 17, 2020
I loved them they are gorgeous I can look at them year-round.
Kathleen D. - Shrewsbury, NJ - on June 17, 2020
These intense red tulips were a real traffic stopper, planted at the main corner in Monmouth Beach, NJ at the entrance to a historic church.
Shari - Spokane, WA - on June 17, 2020
These beauties were HUGE!! Both tall and bloom size was absolutely stunning! Big Bold red hand-sized blooms! The perfect complement to any color of early bloomers. I love them! Thanks, Longfield !!
Steven C. - Natick, MA - on June 17, 2020
Extra-large flowers with long-lasting bloom
Christine W. - Meadowbrook, PA - on June 17, 2020
They were huge! Eye-catching red with a shimmery quality when viewed up close. They bloomed for a long period.
Susan M. - Saranac Lake, NY - on June 17, 2020
We live in deer country in the Northern Adirondacks, and because tulips are considered "deer candy" they can't be planted in the ground unless you have a very high fence. But tulips are my very favorite flower, so I experimented with potting up a dozen bulbs of Tulip Red Impression last fall. They overwintered in a cupboard in my garage; I brought the container out in the spring when the bulbs first showed growth; and voila! I am enjoying an awesome display of these gorgeous red beauties on my front porch. I love the rich, warm color, and the bright highlights in the sunshine.
Lyn F. - Chatham, MA - on June 17, 2020
Beautiful large blooms on strong stalks- made quite the show!!!
Sheryl S. - Battle Ground, WA - on June 17, 2020
They were amazing! Even my husband noticed. Beautiful color, a good size that stood on strong stems. They lasted a good while. Loved them. I can't wait to see them again next year.
Marilyn B. Grua - KY - on October 10, 2014
Gorgeous red tulips that are bright and showy in the garden!
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