Bloom Time Chart for Spring and Summer Bulbs

Our Bloom Time Chart makes it easy to select bulbs that flower at different times during the growing season, so you can always have something beautiful coming into bloom.   Read More

Tulips By Bloom Time

Many people don’t realize there are more than a dozen different types of tulips, each with its own bloom time. Learn how to combine them to enjoy a long-lasting display of spring color.   Read More

What Makes Darwin Hybrid Tulips Special

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Types of Alliums

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Types of Daffodils to Know and Grow

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Earliest Bulbs for Spring Gardens

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Landscaping With Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Spring-flowering bulbs can transform an ordinary yard into a showplace. Get suggestions on planting locations and tips to ensure your success.   Read More

Spring-Blooming Bulbs for Shady Gardens

Spring bulbs are ideal for planting in shady areas around your home. Learn which types bloom best in full or partial shade.   Read More

12 Types of Tulips for Your Garden

This infographic shows the full range of flower shapes, heights and bloom times. Let it inspire you to create a garden that's filled with colorful tulips for weeks every spring.   Read More

Allium Garden Design: Bountiful Blooms

Get inspired by a perennial garden design from Nick McCullough that combines four types of alliums with peonies, salvia, catmint, lady's mantle and sage.   Read More

Allium Garden Design: Daring Forms

This perennial garden design from Nick McCullough combines three types of alliums with foliage plants that have silver or burgundy foliage.   Read More

Alliums for Every Garden

These decorative members of the onion family add color and excitement to early summer gardens. Alliums are deer and rodent resistant and return to bloom again year after year.   Read More

Best Daffodils for Naturalizing

Daffodils make it easy to create an ever more impressive show of spring flowers around your home. Learn which varieties are the best multipliers.   Read More

Hurry Spring with Early-Blooming Bulbs

If you spend winter yearning for spring, early-blooming flower bulbs are an essential. Learn about three small but mighty spring bulbs: snowdrops, crocuses and chionodoxa.   Read More

Muscari: The Perfect Partner for Tulips and Daffodils

Looking for an easy way to take your spring flower garden from good to great? Plant muscari. These beautiful blue bulbs, also known as grape hyacinths, help other flowers look their best.   Read More

Parrot Tulips: Fancy and Flamboyant

Parrot tulips are the most exotic of all tulips. Each blossom is a work of art! The flowers are extremely large and brightly colored and they come in unusual color combinations.   Read More

Fragrant Spring-Blooming Bulbs

The first flowers of spring are a wake up call for the senses and quickly erase memories of cold, grey days. Discover which spring-blooming bulbs are fragrant as well as colorful.   Read More

Cut Flower Favorites: Freesia and Ranunculus

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Best Fall Bulbs for Spring Flowers

Spring-blooming bulbs can fill your flower garden with color from March through May. Here are the top 9 flower bulbs to plant this fall.   Read More

Planting Fall Bulbs: Along a Front Walk

VIDEO Celebrate spring by lining your front walk with cheery spring flowers. In this video, you'll see how to get weeks of color by planting tulip and allium bulbs in the fall.    Read More

Planting Fall Bulbs: In a Lawn

VIDEO Ever thought about planting flowers in your lawn? See how to plant crocus and scilla bulbs, and be the first in your neighborhood to welcome spring's return.   Read More

Planting Fall Bulbs: Front Door Garden

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Planting Fall Bulbs: In a Meadow

VIDEO See how to add a carpet of beautiful spring flowers to a meadow, woodland edge or stream bank. Get step-by-step instructions for years of carefree color.   Read More

Planting Fall Bulbs: In Perennial Gardens

VIDEO Tulips bloom while most perennials are still waking up. This video shows how to plant tulip and hyacinth bulbs in fall, and the colorful results you can expect the next spring.   Read More

Planting Fall Bulbs: In a Shade Garden

VIDEO Brighten up the shady areas around your home with spring-blooming bulbs. See how easy it is to plant the bulbs in fall and get a colorful show of flowers the next spring.    Read More

Planting Fall Bulbs: Under Trees

VIDEO Welcome spring with a carpet of early-blooming flowers. In this video you'll see how to plant bulbs beneath trees and shrubs, and the beautiful results you'll enjoy next spring.   Read More

Alliums Are the High Fliers

VIDEO See how much color and excitement these big-blooming alliums can bring to your garden. They grow almost everywhere and are untroubled by deer and other pests.   Read More