Hardiness Zone Map

The USDA Zone Map help gardeners identify plants that will grow well in their region. Growing zones are based on average minimum winter temperatures. Check this map to find your growing zone!   Read More

Bloom Time Planning Guide for Spring and Summer Flower Bulbs

Our new planning guide for flower bulbs shows the bloom time for each type of bulb. Use it to plan for a continuous display of colorful flowers from early spring through fall.    Read More

Bloom Time Chart for Spring and Summer Bulbs

Our Bloom Time Chart makes it easy to select bulbs that flower at different times during the growing season, so you can always have something beautiful coming into bloom.   Read More

FAQs - Spring Planted Bulbs

If you have questions about caring for summer-blooming bulbs such as dahlias, begonias, elephant ears and caladiums, check here for answers from our in-house experts.   Read More

Fall Leaves Are Garden Gold

Raking leaves may not be your favorite thing to do on a beautiful fall day. But for flower gardeners, leaves are too valuable to waste. Find out how to make use of this free and abundant resource.   Read More

FAQs - Fall Planted Bulbs

Look here for answers to common questions regarding fall-planted bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and alliums.   Read More

FAQs - General Bulbs and Plants

Wondering how to care for your new bulbs or perennials? Here are answers from our staff to some of the most commonly asked questions.    Read More

FAQs - Indoor Flower Bulbs

Want to fill your home with colorful blooms all winter long? Grow amaryllis and paperwhites bulbs! Get answers to all your questions about how to grow these easy and rewarding indoor bulbs.   Read More

FAQs - Perennials

Get your new perennials off to a strong start. Check here for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about planting and caring for perennials.   Read More

How Sunlight Affects Plants

Some plants grow best in sun, while others prefer shade. Learn how sunlight affects plant growth, and how to match the quality of sunlight in your yard with the right types of plants.   Read More

Know Your Growing Zone: Cold Hardiness and Heat Tolerance

How do you know which plants will grow well in your garden? Learn the differences between hardiness and suitability, and how plants adapt to temperature changes.   Read More

Spring Checklist for Flower Gardeners

Spring is the most important time of year to invest in your flower garden. Tackle these six early spring tasks to reduce maintenance and enjoy a bounty of beautiful blooms.   Read More

Types of Bulbs

Many of the plants we refer to as "bulbs" are actually corms, tubers or rhizomes. Use our visual guide to recognize and understand the differences.    Read More

What Makes Flower Bulbs Special

Flower bulbs are perfectly packaged for easy planting and they already contain everything they need to grow and flower. Just dig a hole and drop in the bulb.    Read More

Why Flower Bulbs Are So Easy to Grow

VIDEO Bulb expert Hans Langeveld shows what makes flower bulbs different from perennials or annuals, and why they are so well-suited to home gardens.   Read More

Fall Checklist for Flower Gardens

Tackle these six cool weather activities and enjoy a spring garden that's more colorful and easier to tend.   Read More

Bloom Time

Plants bloom at different times during the growing season. By including plants from each bloom time -- spring, early summer, midsummer, late summer and fall -- you can make sure your garden is always filled with colorful blooms.   Read More

60 Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Garden

The easiest way to protect your garden from hungry deer is to choose plants they dislike. This list from Rutgers University is a good place to start.   Read More

Best Tools for Planting Fall Bulbs

VIDEO The right tool makes every job easier. In this video you'll see several bulb planting tools in action and get advice on how to select the best one for you.    Read More