Garden designers rely on dahlias, cannas, caladiums and other spring-planted bulbs for their bold color, dependable performance and heat resistance. These plants are at their best from midsummer through fall, and they keep going strong, long after most annuals and perennials have called it quits.

Summer bulbs can be used in so many creative ways. Get inspired with this collection of photographs taken in our trial gardens and the gardens around our own homes, where these hardworking plants continue to amaze us.

Sunny Yards and Flower Gardens.  Clockwise from top left: Lily Medusa with Border Dahlia Gallery Serenade; Dahlia American Dawn; Canna Pink Magic with Caladium Carolyn Whorton; Gladiolus Sunset Mix; Lily Colorado.

Shady Yards and Gardens.  Clockwise from top left: Colocasia Hawaiian Punch; Caladium Mix; Begonia Mix; Caladium Red Flash; Colocasia Esculenta.

Container Gardens.  Clockwise from top left: Alocasia Upright and Canna Rosita; Canna Starship with Caladium Postman Joyner; Canna Chocolate Sunrise with Caladium White Christmas, Orange Asiatic Lily and Caladium Carolyn Whorton; Begonia Odorata White and Red; Orange Border Dahlia and Begonia Roseform Orange.

Inviting Patios and Decks.  Clockwise from top left: Canna Tropicanna Black with Caladiums Aaron, White Queen and Postman Joyner; Dahlia Thomas Edison; Caladiums Red Flash and Miss Muffet; Calla Ruby Sensation and Caladium Miss Muffet; Canna Australia; Border Dahlia Art Deco with Caladium White Christmas.

Flowers for Cutting.  Clockwise from top left: Dahlia Sugar Plum Mix; Dahlia Soft Orange Mix; Dahlia Thomas Edison; Oriental Lilies Mix; Gladiolus Sunset Mix; Calla Lily Lavender Gem and Pink Diamond.

Curb Appeal.  Clockwise from top left: Border Dahlia Bellini; Border Dahlia Pablo; Daylily Fragrant Returns; Canna Rosita; Caladium Postman Joyner with Clematis Ramona.