Bloom Time Chart for Spring and Summer Bulbs

Our Bloom Time Chart makes it easy to select bulbs that flower at different times during the growing season, so you can always have something beautiful coming into bloom.   Read More

Best Summer Bulbs for Containers

Most summer-blooming bulbs are native to the tropics and they love heat and humidity. When temperatures rise, their beautiful foliage and exotic flowers will take center stage.   Read More

Easy Summer Bulbs for Shady Containers

Pots and planters can give shady areas around your home a big lift – especially when you include summer-blooming bulbs. Exotic flowers and bold foliage make these plants anything but ho-hum.   Read More

Best Bulbs for Late Summer Color

Summer-blooming bulbs keep gardens colorful from midsummer to fall. Learn about the choices and find the flowers that appeal to you.    Read More

Best Bulbs for Summer Flowers

Summer bulbs are easy to grow and always impressive. Learn about some of the most popular types, including dahlias, cannas and caladiums.   Read More

Bloom Times for Lilies

Most gardeners don't realize there are many different types of lilies with bloom times that range from early to late summer. Choose wisely and you can have lilies in bloom all season long.   Read More

Can Dahlias Change Color?

Learn why dahlias are able to display such an incredible range of flower styles and colors, and how this can lead to some puzzling behavior.   Read More

Colorful Containers That Can Take the Heat

A few pots and planters filled with these easy, heat-loving plants will keep your deck and patio looking fresh and colorful from summer through fall.   Read More

Dahlia Flower Types and Sizes

Dahlias come in many sizes and flower styles. This graphic makes it easy to see their differences and learn to identify the ones you like best.   Read More

Fresh Ideas for Growing Cannas

Take your late summer garden to new heights! With their bold foliage and exotic flowers, canna lilies offer lots of creative possibilities.   Read More

Get Creative with Summer-Blooming Bulbs

See dozens of examples of how dahlias, cannas and other spring-planted flower bulbs can be used to enhance the beauty of your yard and garden.    Read More

Landscaping with Caladiums

Learn why landscape designers count on caladiums to deliver all season color and great curb appeal.   Read More

Summer Bulbs for Shady Gardens

Shade loving plants delight us with their foliage as well as their flowers. Interesting textures and colors draw our eyes, inviting us to slow down, cool off and take a closer look.   Read More

Summer Bulbs for Sunny Gardens

Dahlias, lilies and other spring-planted bulbs can turn an ordinary garden into a colorful celebration of late summer beauty. You'll get an extravagant show of foliage and flowers that continues non-stop through the fall.   Read More

Top Summer Bulbs for Cutting Gardens

Summer-blooming bulbs provide instant gratification. Plant them in spring and you will be picking flowers just a few months later. Enhance your cutting garden with some of these can't miss favorites.   Read More

Types of Begonias

Tuberous begonias are shade-loving plants with gorgeous, rose-like flowers. Upright types are perfect for gardens and patio containers, while cascading begonias are ideal for hanging baskets.   Read More

Types of Elephant Ears

Elephant ears add a "wow" factor to gardens and containers. Learn about colocasia and alocasia and see some of the many appealing varieties.   Read More

Design Tips for Growing Summer Bulbs in Containers

Summer-blooming bulbs come on strong when summer temperatures heat up. They are the fireworks that will keep your pots and planters looking fabulous right through the fall.   Read More

Types of Dahlias: 8 Great Looks

Each type of dahlia has its own unique style. Check out the many options and find the ones that appeal to you.   Read More

Around the House: Plan a Sunny Patio Garden

Summer-blooming bulbs make it easy to turn a sunny patio into a showplace. Summer entertaining is more fun when you feel as proud of your patio as you do of your home.   Read More

Around the House: Plan a Front Door Garden

Brightly colored flowers and attractive foliage are the world's best welcome mat. You'll delight everyone who comes by, and find yourself smiling every time you come home.   Read More

Around the House: Plan a Walkway Garden

Create an elegant entrance by lining your front walk with decorative foliage and brightly-colored flowers. Get inspired with an example from one of our own homes.   Read More

Mini Glads Mingle with Veggies

Glamini glads are shorter than full size glads, which makes them ideal for perennial gardens. As garden writer Tovah Martin discovered, they're also good companions for vegetables.   Read More

Calla Lilies Give Panache to a Porch

Calla lilies are at their prime in late summer, when so many other plants are starting to fade. See how you can use these elegant flowers to spice up your porch, patio and deck.   Read More

Cut Flower Favorites: Freesia and Ranunculus

Enjoy the fun of growing two of the world’s most popular cut flowers. Get tips about where and how to grow them for best success.   Read More

Dahlias on Parade Slideshow

Whether you plant them in pots and planters or right in the garden, a dozen dahlia tubers can bring the summer growing season to a dramatic finish.   Read More