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If you love making fresh flower arrangements, planting a cutting garden is the best way to ensure you always have an abundance of beautiful, homegrown flowers on hand. 

Which kinds flowers should you plant? Some of the most popular include annuals such as zinnias, asters, bachelor buttons, phlox, snapdragons and sunflowers. To give your garden-fresh bouquets a professional touch, be sure your cutting garden also includes flower bulbs!

Many of the world's most popular cut flowers are grown from flower bulbs. Daffodils are loved for their early and incredibly abundant blooms. Tulips and anemones offer flower arrangers an amazing range of colors. Dahlias and glads add the wow factor with their enormous flowers. Lilies and hyacinths provide incredible fragrance. And for exciting flower shapes, it's hard to top alliums, Dutch iris and calla lilies

Take your homegrown flower arrangements to new heights this summer, by adding some of these top 10 flower bulbs to your cutting garden.