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Dahlia Decorative American Dawn

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A modern dahlia that's been bred for amazing color, sturdy stems and abundant flower production. The luscious, 4-5" blossoms are a tropical blend of peach, mango and papaya with plum-purple highlights. Long, dark purple stems make American Dawn an outstanding cut flower. Guaranteed to be a star in your late summer garden.

Outstanding Cut Flower
Big 4-5" Blooms
Flowers Summer Through Fall
3 count bag
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Dahlia American Dawn

ITEM #20000358
American Dawn
Summer thru Fall
Plant 20" apart from center of bulb to center of bulb
Plant 1" deep
Grows 36" tall

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Customer Reviews for Dahlia American Dawn

21 Reviews
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Cydney W - Roanoke, VA - on December 09, 2020
My new favorite. These are gorgeous. They are certainly an eye-catching WOW in the garden and make beautiful arrangements that last.
Richard F - King George, VA - on December 09, 2020
Dahlia American Dawn is "Top Notch!" The colors and shades are exquisite, the stems are sturdy and solid, and the cut flowers lasted a week or more inside.
Caroline M - Coronado, CA - on December 09, 2020
I loved the color, just right for my garden. Sort of Rosey sort of coral ... I had some trouble with gophers eating my tubers, so I lost some.... and didn't get to enjoy the rest ... but I would order these again. and maybe just this color !!
Linda L - Commodore, PA - on December 09, 2020
Beautiful long-lasting blooms. Received many compliments
Tracey C - Florence, MA - on December 09, 2020
We grew over thirty dahlia varieties, and American Dawn was the best one, hands down. Absolutely beautiful color, long stems for cutting, could not be more perfect. Our favorite!
Amber M - Quinlan, TX - on December 09, 2020
Beautiful color and size, bloomed all the way till the first frost! Big robust stems.
Linda W - Westerly, RI - on December 09, 2020
We plant about 300 dahlia bulbs every year and American Dawn is one of our favorite. While they are planted in late spring they are actually late summer, early fall spectacle. We show them off along our front stone wall and get endless compliments from neighbors and visitors in our southern Rhode Island beach community. This summer was more challenging than some because of so many hot, dry, days. But September and October have been worth it.
Debbie - Plymouth, MA - on December 09, 2020
If you're looking for a star dahlia in your cutting garden or a prolific bloomer for your flower farm American Dawn delivers dozens of mid sized coral colored sunset blooms with violet overtones at the center atop tall sturdy stems. American Dawn is compatible with many colors on the spectrum lasting 7 days in the vase making her a lovely choice for home gardeners and floral designers alike. She is a personal favorite of the Dandelion House Cutting Garden.
Fiona - Richmond, VT - on December 09, 2020
American Dawn was just amazing - gorgeous, prolific, and long-lasting in a vase. It's definitely one of my favorites this year.
Leane S - Hamilton, OH - on December 09, 2020
Beautiful color. Subtle beauty. Large size. Even with our terrible drought, I had multiple blooms.
Andrew - Austin, TX - on December 09, 2020
Amazing colors can range from shades of bronze to salmon red. Blooms have a very long vase life so they make great cut flowers. Heat tolerant and sturdy stems make it an asset in the garden.
Mary G - Petersburg, IL - on December 09, 2020
Loved this beautiful dahlia! It was a prolific bloomer and one many people asked about. The colors were a beautiful blend of pink, purple, apricot - very pleasing to the eye! It's appropriately named - just like the dawn of a new day!
Lucy T - San Antonio, TX - on December 09, 2020
Lorraine H - Mott, ND - on December 09, 2020
American Dawn was one of the very few dahlia's that bloomed in my garden this year. We had a very early, unexpected frost that froze everything, but American Dawn already had several blooms so I really enjoyed this dahlia. The blooms were large and very colorful.
Sandra R - Bolton, MA - on December 09, 2020
I can't even believe how long she bloomed must have had 75 blooms. Incredible every flower was a beauty. Love the color she is true America Dawn.
Tiffany - Rosemont, NJ - on August 28, 2018
Where has American Dawn been all my life? Last year was my first year growing dahlias, just three varieties. I have expanded that to about 20+ this year. American Dawn will be a keeper. The color is stunning and the flowers are just the right size. I thought dinner plates were where its at, but American Dawn is a much more manageable dahlia. No flopping over. Tall Sturdy Stems. And, oh! Did I mention the color? I did. It really is gorgeous!
Terry - Oakland, CA - on August 28, 2018
This is an amazingly beautiful dahlia. It's been strong from the get go and is a sturdy plant with many large blooms. I wasn't sure how the colors would be in person and the combo is kinda strange but gorgeous! Really, really glad I bought this one!
Janie - Tupelo, MS - on January 15, 2018
Wow! What a gorgeous flower. The strongest, thickest dahlia stems I have ever grown. The color of this dahlia is gorgeous. For me in Northeast Mississippi it is deep pink with purple center. This was my first time ordering from Longfield Gardens and I was really worried about the quality. The tubers were fresh and in great condition & packed very well. Everyone grew well and bloomed true to what I ordered. I've ordered from 2 other Dutch suppliers and I got mislabeled tubers. Not a good thing when they finally bloom and you realize the suppliers mistake. I am working on another order for Spring 2018. Well done Longfield Gardens
Jackie H. - Kaysville, UT - on August 10, 2017
I am SO pleased with my Dahlias American Dawn. The pricing was so reasonable I actually expected sub-par plants to come from my tubers, but they have started to produce big, beautiful and healthy cutting flowers. Because of the quality of these late summer flowers I am working on a spring bulbs order!
David G. - Lansing, MI - on August 10, 2017
American Dawn is a very sturdy Dahlia, with a different shaped leaf than most Dahlias have. The leaves are slightly lighter green, too. The flowers are a wonderful combination of Apricot-pink with purple plum center as the flower begins to open. The purple flower stems are incredibly long and strong. I have never seen thicker flower stems on a Dahlia. At the end of July my American Dawn Dahlias are almost three feet tall and more than two feet wide. They are very strong plants and may not need staking. Both are beautiful Dahlias and I will definitely purchase them again.
Tracy - Battle Creek, MI - on June 05, 2017
Dahlias can't get enough! mine have not started to bloom as i am in Michigan but so far so good.
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