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The dahlia Thomas Edison was bred here in the U.S. and first introduced back in 1929. It is still the considered the best purple dinnerplate dahlia on the market. The plants are robust and produce tons of flowers all season long. A good choice for the back of a perennial border and a must for cutting gardens.

Big 6" to 8" Flowers
Heirloom Favorite
Excellent Cut Flower
3 count bag
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Dahlia Thomas Edison

ITEM #20000039
Thomas Edison
Summer thru Fall
Plant 18" apart from center of bulb to center of bulb
Plant 1" deep
Grows 36-48" tall

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Customer Reviews for Dahlia Thomas Edison

21 Reviews
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Vanessa D. - Delray Beach, FL - on June 09, 2021
I ordered Dahlia Thomas Edison. This is a prolific bloomer as I live in zone 10. I enjoy looking at these blooms
Lee W. - Ridgewood, NJ - on November 06, 2019
This Dahlia is a total stunner. Big and beautiful flowers for a first-year plant. It completely exceeded my expectations.
Michelle S. - La Jolla, CA - on November 06, 2019
This was the first time growing them from Tubers. I wasn't sure if I planted them right, but I did! I loved walking out to my garden and watching them bloom all summer long. I live in La Jolla California and I grow flowers just for pleasure.
Bennett L. - Asheville, NC - on November 06, 2019
I received 3 Thomas Edison Dahlias free of charge from Longfield Gardens as a special bonus to a new order. They were a bit slower to grow in the beginning than other dahlias I purchased but once they took off, there was no stopping them. Mine grew to about 6 feet with the most beautiful 6" flowers - very dark purple when in the shade changing to a luminous purple once the sun hits them. This dahlia does not form a dense shrub and definitely needs staking.
Sherri R. - Tallahassee, FL - on November 06, 2019
They were great for cut flowers. Planted them among the tomatoes. Thank you
Sheryl S. - Battle Ground, WA - on November 06, 2019
Easy to grow, abundance of blooms, need to stake, beautiful color. One of my favorites to have in the garden as the color goes so well with other dahlias in a bouquet or just out in the garden.
Judy N. - Amity, OR - on November 06, 2019
Such a brilliant dahlia! It was a part of so many arrangements for events as well as individual cuttings from people coming out to get cut flowers from my gardens. Definitely, one of the best!
Jessica S. - Redmond, WA - on November 06, 2019
The color is so intense! I have 204 varieties of dahlias and Thomas Edison just *POPS* and commands attention! Lots of blooms!
Stan L. - Humeston, IA - on November 06, 2019
The color was good. The size of the blooms were the smallest of all my dahlias. Their stem is not as strong as some others. This was my best year for all flowers, but especially my dahlias.
Stan L. - Humeston, IA - on November 06, 2019
The color was good. The size of the blooms were the smallest of all my dahlias. Their stem is not as strong as some others. This was my best year for all flowers, but especially my dahlias.
Kyra E A. - Alexandria, VA - on November 06, 2019
I love this Dahlia! The color is so vibrant and the medium size flower was a bit on the larger size. I purchased these to offset the White dinner plate dahlias I had in the garden. The plants are still flowering now at the end of September.
Linda M. - Wooster, OH - on November 06, 2019
I am so pleased that I chose this beautiful dahlia. The color is much more vivid than pictured and they had an abundance of blooms. Definitely a great purchase!!
Lisa Bustle - London, KY - on November 06, 2019
very vibrant color
Chris P. - Santa Monica, CA - on November 06, 2019
These dahlias are truly magnificent when grown to their potential. I have caught people in my garden several times taking pictures for Instagram or simple selfies. I actually thought they were trying to steal them but have been surprised that no one has. I think it is because they are so gorgeous that no one want to be responsible for ruining the garden. When I bring them into the office my co worker are amazed at their size and color. No other flower can really rival the color and when you add the size they are spectacular.
Gie P. - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ - on November 06, 2019
Beautiful, rich purple color and huge blooms. They are the star in my garden. Prolific bloomer. I love everything about it!
Edwina S. - Stuyvesant, NY - on August 30, 2019
I have ordered Dahlia bulbs from many different sources over the years. Longfield gardens sends the most select tubers out of everyone. Large, firm, vibrant packaged well. Won't order anywhere else!
Jeanette E B. - Anchorage, AK - on August 28, 2019
The dahlia is beautiful. All 3 tubers grew but at different rates.
Phyllis - Suffern, NY - on August 28, 2018
Gorgeous purple dahlias about 6" across planted in 2 large planters very long lasting weeks and forgiving of the rain. Mixed large zinnia is lasting from May till mid-Aug and much longer. Bonus favorite of monarch butterflies.
John - New Brighton, MN - on August 28, 2018
I had one yellow passion grow to over 12"! Thomas Jefferson is gorgeous! All very tall and large beautiful blossoms!
Casey - Godfrey, IL - on August 21, 2018
Beautiful purple color. Mine are about 6 inches wide. I wish that I had a whole field of these beauties.
Maria E. - Gridley, CA - on June 14, 2017
The purple Thomas Edison are my favorite. I most sincerely look forward to them this year as well. They had a slow start for me compared to several other varieties, but when they started, they had a hefty supply of continuous blooms and they had the incredible ability to glow under the moonlight like no other flower I have seen. I picked them at dusk for morning sales and as I would look down the row of different varieties, the Thomas Edison would shine bright, brilliant and beautiful. I should purchase more of these. On a side note: these flowers won me first place in our local county fair.
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