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Dahlia Dinnerplate Break Out

Dahlia Break Out - Longfield Gardens

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Similar to Café au Lait in color and size, Break Out's petals are more pink than cream, and the center of the blossom has a golden glow. The flowers are also looser and more informal, with thick, velvety petals. A must for weddings, cottage gardens and romantic summer bouquets.

Lush, 8-10" Blossoms
Excellent Cut Flower
Blooms Summer to Frost
3 count bag
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Dahlia Break Out

ITEM #20000709
Break Out
Summer thru Fall
Plant 18" apart from center of bulb to center of bulb
Plant 1" deep
Grows 36-48" tall

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Customer Reviews for Dahlia Break Out

25 Reviews
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Leslie M. - Atlanta, GA - on November 06, 2019
It is such a show stopper! My only complaint is it is slow to bloom in my climate! Too hot in Hotlanta!
Elizabeth G. - WHITMORE LAKE, MI - on November 06, 2019
A big profusion of beautiful blooms. I've never been a successful practitioner of pinching off side or center buds in dahlia growing, but this plant could benefit from it. The center bloom is on such a short stem it doesn't work well as a cut flower. But I've been putting them in bowls, a single bloom per bowl, as a great way to enjoy their beauty. Dahlia Break Out also complements other dahlia colors so beautifully.
Sara L. - Bonney Lake, WA - on November 06, 2019
The Dahila Break Out is gorgeous! It's tall, large flowers are cream on the petal edges and light pink on the inside for a breathtaking combination. Beautiful in cut arrangements. My favorite purchase this Spring!
Nina S. - Holyoke, MA - on November 06, 2019
Outstanding performer. Show-stopping colors and each blossom is a little different. One of the first in the garden to bloom and it is still cranking out buds almost three months later.
Angela N. - Otsego, MI - on November 06, 2019
Beautiful dahlia! Pairs really nicely with the 'Ottos Thrill' dahlia. It has colors of cream and pink. Excellent as a cut flower. Looks stunning in a bouquet. I already have it on my list to order more tubers for next year.
Sidney N. - Melbourne, AR - on November 06, 2019
Big gorgeous blooms all summer long, even in 94-degree heat--all summer long!
Cindy G. - Washington, MI - on November 06, 2019
I love my Longfield Gardens Dahlia's. I have tried many others and these are beyond amazingly fresh and never disappoint with a very healthy plant and beautiful blooms.
Joseph L. - San Antonio, TX - on November 06, 2019
Bloomed beautifully; even in our hot Texas summer months! Blossoms didn't fade, lasting about 4 days. Break Out bloomed multiple blooms on each stem. Made a nice, compact plant, didn't have to stake it at all. I definitely recommend
Elizabeth - Omak, WA - on November 06, 2019
Breakout is absolutely gorgeous! Very big blooms that last a long time. I love it!
Diane R. - Chester, CT - on November 06, 2019
I can't say enough about the fantastic dahlia tubers I ordered from Longfield. I wanted to start a dahlia garden in my new 4 4x8 raised garden beds. I ordered 10 different varieties of dahlias among them "Breakout". It is a very beautiful and subtle dahlia with a peachy pink outer and a creamy yellow center. My blooms are 6-7 inches across. They do not have a scent. My plants are 6' tall and extremely prolific. The blossoms last about 5 days. I would also highly recommend Penhill Dark Monarch, Cambridge, Bell-of Barmera, Myrtle's Folly, Fleurel, Art Deco, Rip City, Bishop of Canterbury and Tsuki-Yori-No-Shiska. All have been great producers. My neighbors( who love cut flowers) and I thank you for a summer of spectacular dinnerplate dahlias!
Maria E. - Gridley, CA - on November 06, 2019
This is a very beautiful dahlia similar to others of the same size. Very large. For some reason it started blooming later than my other dahlias, but worth the wait. The color was just like the picture and its vase life seemed about average.
Metroka M. - Nevada City, CA - on November 06, 2019
Awesome beautiful blossoms.
Joel and Laura A. - Huntingdon Valley, PA - on November 06, 2019
Beautiful flower! Unique peachy-yellow-cream color (hard to describe) and lovely soft looking petals. It took a little longer to bloom than some of my other dahlias but was worth the wait!
Nellie A. - Blacksburg, VA - on November 06, 2019
I loved the way Breakout unfurl and how the yellow arises in the center...oooh....prolific bloomer and all-round joy
Rachel B. - Othello, WA - on November 06, 2019
Gorgeous, love it and my customers do too! At the beginning of summer, it was more cream and now as the weather gets cooler it's adding in the beautiful pink!
Sandra P. - Vermillion, MN - on November 06, 2019
When it finally flowered it was prolific. I bought it instead of cafe au lait. The flower don't seem to completely open.
April S. - Plainville, GA - on November 06, 2019
I love Break Out! It's a beautiful soft yellow with a tinge of pink that turns a soft creamy color the longer it ages. They are HUGE and last for a long time both outside and inside as a cut flower. Definitely a must-have if you love dahlias!
Cathy - Plainville, OH - on November 06, 2019
Dahlia Breakout is a workhorse. So many blooms! If punched, the stem are long. Beautiful colors of cream, pale yellow and soft pink. If you fall in love with the picture on Longfield's site, you will fall in love with each and every bloom.
Sandy V. - Mayfield Village, OH - on November 06, 2019
Break Out produced large, beautiful heads on a super healthy plant. On of the first dahlias to bloom this season and still going strong. New favorite!
Mary M B. - Trumansburg, NY - on November 06, 2019
Lovely blossoms - I only wish there were more! The color is exquisite, and in the sunlight, there is a glittery aspect to the front side of the petals.
Tammy M. - Seattle, WA - on November 06, 2019
Still Blooming and size and color are amazing! "My mom grew tons of dinner plate dahlias for our centerpieces!
Kaeli C. - Worland, WY - on November 06, 2019
These dahlias are amazing! Mine first bloomed mostly a light yellow, with a little bit of pink. The later the season went, the flowers had more and more pink, still with yellow in the center. They were very big flowers that lasted at least a week. I love them!
Lisa B. - London, KY - on November 06, 2019
the size was rather large this year and looks great in my daughter's wedding decorations
Tami H. - East Bernstadt, KY - on November 06, 2019
My youngest daughter was married on August 3rd and since I had raised dahlias for my oldest for her wedding I knew I wanted to raise dahlias for my youngest. I had ordered 3 of the breakout the previous year and loved the dinnerplate size and the slight yellow and pink hue of the flower. So in the spring, I ordered 9 along with various other colors to add to my garden. The Break Out did great we had beautiful bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids and arrangements on the tables at the reception. For the past five years I have been raising dahlias and break out is one of my favorites and produces beautiful large flowers through the fall. I have always ordered from Longfield gardens because of their product and service!
Dana S. - Nevada City, CA - on October 25, 2019
I'd give Break out 10 stars! I think it is my favorite dahlia. The subtle color shift from blush to ivory is absolutely exquisite.
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