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Dahlia Single HS Date

Dahlia HS Date - Longfield Gardens

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This dahlia's open growth habit and abundance of fluttering blooms make it a favorite choice for perennial gardens. The glossy, burgundy foliage is a perfect backdrop for the melon and burnt-orange flowers. HS Date is a prolific bloomer and has long stems that are great for cutting.

Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds
Excellent Cut Flowers
Blooms Summer Through Fall
Please note: This dahlia variety produces smaller-than-average tubers. Be assured that tuber size does not affect the performance of the plant. You can expect great results and are protected by our 100% guarantee!
3 count bag
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Dahlia HS Date

ITEM #20000004
HS Date
Summer thru Fall
Plant 18" apart from center of bulb to center of bulb
Plant 1" deep
Grows 30-36" tall

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Customer Reviews for Dahlia HS Date

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Elizabeth A. - Orrington, ME - on August 30, 2019
The dahlias are gorgeous! They are big plants loaded with flowers. HS Flame is brilliant especially when the light is directly on the flower. It is contrasted beautifully with purple foliage. "Rebecca's World" is an exciting dahlia with no two flowers alike! Some are totally a velvety maroon color and others are variants of velvety maroon and white. It's very showy! "Serkan"is a perfect deep lavender purple flower with a lovely waterlily shape that produces many flowers over the course of the summer months. Great cut flowers too. My favorite caladium of all time is "White Queen." This caladium produces a mass of flowers with beautiful red streaks. Looks just like the photo. The Clematis "Fireworks" is coming right along and has already produced a dozen or more vibrant, huge, rose pink flowers and since I pruned it back after flowering, I am looking forward to a nice fall display. Clematis is one of the most satisfying vines one can grow and extremely hardy in winter.I would say that my garden this year is truly spectacular. Friends who stop by are truly amazed!
Donna T. - San Francisco, CA - on August 28, 2019
I went on a dahlia binge and couldn't be happier that I found Longfield Gardens on the Internet. I have seen their bulbs in nurseries and stores for years and happily bought them locally, but the selections are much broader online, you can find everything they sell. My first two purchases from last year were Myrtle's Folly and H.S. Date. Myrtle's Folly was much brighter than the photos, and blooms were larger than expected (10") with frilly curved petals that I can only describe as joyful. They were so pleasurable in the garden, I couldn't bring myself to cut them. This year they are more subdued and smaller (6") probably due to my erratic fertilizing, but a perfect size for floral arrangements. Next year I intend to purchase more dahlias in complimentary colors, just to be able to feature this flower in arrangements for the house. H.S, Date was and remains my favorite dahlia. I purchased them again this year because they were so beautiful swaying in the breeze, that I wanted to surround myself with them. They are brighter than the photo indicates and more beautiful with very rich, deep apricot petals, kissed with red. They are stunning against their dark foliage. I'm buying more for the cutting garden. Maya is a shorter plant. so it's perfect for the front of the border. It is very true in color to the photo. It looked lovely in arrangements. While H.S. Date appeals to my heart, Fairway Spur appeals to my commitment to provide my garden with spectacular flowers in the border. You can see these 8"-11" dinner plate dahlias from every corner of my small garden. The muted apricot works with every flower color in my garden. although none of thes dahlias are fragrant, they are visually stunning is arrangements with roses and oriental lilies. Fairway Spur and salmon colored oriental lilies are a match mad in heaven. I hope I can post photos with this review.
Prolific Bloomer and Bee Attractor in the garden
Alicia - Stanwood, WA - on March 22, 2019
HS Date blooms like crazy - all season it is full of pretty orange, single petal blooms. And its dark foliage adds an interesting and eye-catching color to the garden.
Bees - if you'd like to attract more bees into your garden this is the dahlia to plant! All day long this one is a-buzz with bees.
Beautiful foliage and tons of flowers
Sarah - New Brighton, MN - on February 20, 2019
I have been growing HS Date for about 5 years. I love the dark foliage and the melon-colored flowers are so cheery. I grow lots of bee-friendly plants and this dahlia attracts so many bees. Hummingbirds like the flowers, too.
Gorgeous single
Erin - Belgium, WI - on February 19, 2019
All of the HS dahlias are outstanding, blooming longer than any of the bigger dahlias I grow and almost never needing staking (every so often one goes rogue). If I stay on top of the deadheading, I have constant blooms on top of that gorgeous dark foliage. The color on this one combines so well with so many other flowers in the garden.
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