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One of the sturdiest and most reliable of all double daffodils. Produces a bounty of bright yellow blossoms, accented with red-orange ruffles. Long-lasting, heat-resistant flowers on sturdy stems. 

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Narcissus Tahiti

ITEM #11000022
Sun to Part Shade
Mid Spring
Plant 6" apart from center of bulb to center of bulb
Plant 6" deep
Grows 14" tall

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Customer Reviews for Narcissus Tahiti

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Susan - Orinda, CA - on June 10, 2021
DoubleTahiti. loved the color and the fact that they bloomed at different times. Will be ordering more!
Joanne M. - Quakertown, PA - on June 10, 2021
I really loved the Tahiti daffodils, they just popped and stood out from the rest! Even my husband, who doesn't have an interest in plants, walked by them one morning and said, "Wow, these are my favorite." Enough said.
Jamie B. - Lincoln City, OR - on June 10, 2021
They are still looking fresh and beautiful!
Susan W. - Pine Beach, NJ - on June 10, 2021
Narcissus Tahiti Double is my favorite daffodil; its large blooms and spectacular orange and yellow petals are fabulous in the garden, and make a wonderful cut bouquet.
Lynda S. - Essex, CT - on June 09, 2021
Stunning color, large blooms, peppery fragrance and, most important of all, STURDY stems. I have found that many double daffodils have top heavy heads and weak stems.
Hila R. - Milwaukie, OR - on June 09, 2021
I adore the Tahiti double daffodil. It lasts for weeks, and is even long lasting as a cut flower. The bold and sassy colors make it a real show stopper!
Jim L - Columbia Heights, MN - on June 08, 2021
I have purchased from Longfield Gardens has been wonderful. Healthy, large bulbs that all come into bloom the following spring without exception.
Tommy W - Andalusia, AL - on June 08, 2021
The Tahiti bulbs were big healthy bulbs. They all bloomed & are still blooming! Beautiful bright colors. Have ordered more this year! Thank you!
Judy D - Trenton, KY - on June 08, 2021
Tahiti stunned me with its color! I had admired them for years, but I usually go for white Flowers. Tahiti is really vibrant, and I could see them from way down my driveway.
Michael J. - Birmingham, AL - on June 08, 2021
All arrived packed well and of exceptional size. They were mixed with other bulbs and they performed well with strong stalks and long lasting blooms. I still have some in bloom. Long lasting in vases as well.
Stacy - NORTH ST PAUL, MN - on June 08, 2021
Great germination - still waiting for them to bloom (zone 4b), but so far I'm super happy!
Amy C. - Glenview, IL - on June 08, 2021
These were stunning in the yard, and the blooms lasted a very long time. I am planning on planting them in another location next year.
Debbie L. - Tinton Falls, NJ - on June 08, 2021
Who doesn't love a late-blooming, double ruffled daffodil with an orange center? Pair 'Tahiti' with blue grape hyacinths in a container and I think you'll agree that the vibrant colors played well with each other.
Patricia W. - Great Lakes, IL - on June 08, 2021
Tahiti are so lovely, they have lasted weeks despite unseasonable cold windy weather.
Autumn - Foxborough, MA - on June 08, 2021
They were so beautiful, they lasted a long time too. I'll be buying more for this fall.
Riley F. - West Springfield, MA - on June 08, 2021
Narcissus Tahiti was a welcome addition this spring; out relatively early, it lasted well, through mid-April to early-May (retaining its orange very nicely even when passing). The yellow is similar to that of Dutch Master, while the orange is vibrant and ornate. Among the range of Narcissi I've had, the stems' durability in wind was average – a few out in the open broke, but that's where 'cut' flowers come from! Lasted well in vases.
Jamie H. - Centerview, MO - on June 08, 2021
Tahiti is the perfect name for these adorable flowers! They were so bright and beautiful. I fell in love the instant they started blooming. I enjoyed a bouquet on my desk for days and the smell "of spring" was in the welcome after a long cold winter. I would definitely grow more of these!
Anna K. - Seattle, WA - on June 18, 2020
The bulk order of Tahiti daffodils was a great value and all the bulbs came up healthy and vibrant!
Connie S. - Waleska, GA - on June 25, 2019
Tahiti is my favorite Narcissus and these definitely did not disappoint. The color was a Reich orange and yellow. The blooms lasted over two weeks.
Matthew C. - Cullman, AL - on June 25, 2019
Excellent cut flower. Vibrant Color and good companion with other daffodils in the garden and in the vase.
Christine L M. - El Cerrito, CA - on June 25, 2019
This variety of narcissus is so beautiful - very large and gopher proof. Gophers got all my tulips. Looking forward to planting more elsewhere in my garden next fall.
Mary Beth M. - El Dorado, AR - on June 25, 2019
My flowers were beautiful! I loved the variations of color in each blossom.
Bruce R. - Herndon, VA - on June 25, 2019
These exceeded expectations. Planted the first ones two years ago and the second year bloom was impressive. The first year bloom from last fall's planting was equally good.
Beth C. - Troy, PA - on June 25, 2019
Loved the color of these with the double frilly centers! They also lasted a long time considering all the rainy days in northern Pennsylvania.
Ann-Marie T. - Yorktown Heights, NY - on June 25, 2019
I bought these for my daughter to plant. She received many compliments from the neighbors.
Heidi - Portland, OR - on June 25, 2019
Absolutely stunning!
Yulia M. - Redmond, WA - on June 25, 2019
I really enjoyed Narcissus Tahiti this past spring. The blooms are big and showy, and they last for quite a while. Looked very impressive in a clump. Overall, a great buy!
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